From 16 to 20 Janaury  2018

Ice pavillon Hall 2.0

BAU is the most important exhibition in the construction sector in Europe. BAU brings together the needs of specific sectors with international suppliers and buyers. The show presents innovations and quality, the future of construction. Thanks to the wide range of specific products presented, BAU attracts various guests: architects, civil engineers, manufacturers of construction materials, builders and planners. It is here that Poggi Bros wanted to present its range of blocks and slabs of travertine, the original travertine of Tivoli, extracted directly from its own quarries in Tivoli, Rome

Bau Swiss is the ideal place where the quality and completeness of the exhibition offer are combined with the most advanced know-how in the processing of natural stone. We are waiting for you.

From 27 to 30 September  2017

Stand D4 Hall 6

Marmomacc in septembre present Marmomac Architecture and Design brings together events and initiatives intended to enhance knowledge of natural stone by encouraging expressive potential and design applications in interior and exterior contexts alike. Marmomacc is the world's leading global trade fair for the industry of the  stone, where are presented blocks and slabs of travertine, roman travertine and marble,
throughout the supply chain: from the raw products to semi-finished and finished products, machinery and technologies for processing the possible applications of the stone in architecture and design.

In this international event, F.lli Poggi presents blocks and travertine slabs, travertine and roman travertine from Tivoli, having removed directly from their quarries in Tivoli in Rome. Marmomacc is the ideal place where the quality and completeness of the exhibition are combined with the most advanced know-how in the processing of natural stone. Poggi presentsthe projects presented also highlight the strong bond between technological development and the ductility of natural stone - a material that has always been used in the history of human construction.

From 16 to 21 Gennaio 2017
Ice Pavillon

BAU with an area of ​​180,000 m², presents architecture, materials and systems for industrial, commercial and residential, and for interior fitting, both for new buildings and for building renovations. The paiglioni are divided by areas of expertise such as flooring, natural stones such as travertine, marble,roman travertine and artificial stones

For architects, companies and tested BAU is an indispensable source of information and inspiration.

Fratelli Poggi has decided to be present exposing quality and the best finish of travertine, roman travertine and Tivoli marble From investors to designers, from architects to craftsmen, to the building managers, BAU will wait in January, more than 230,000 visitors, of which about 60,000 come from abroad.

02 - 05 Settebre 2015 - KAZAKISTAN, Almaty

Hall 10, Stand 292

Appointment for the world of travertine and roman travertine in the name of interior design, The Kazbuild fair held in Kazakhstan 2 to 5 September 2015 also this year the collections for floors and walls in travertine and travertine marble of F .lli Poggi. In this innovative international showcase, Our company esponde quality and the best finish of travertine, roman travertine and marble from Tivoli, the real Made in Italy. The exhibition is held at the famous and immense Exhibition Center in Almaty, economic and cultural center of the KAZAKHSTAN, which now offers many opportunities for growth in the construction sector and sensitive to design, on this occasion Fratelli Poggi, will put attention not on the indoor wall tiles and travertine floors but also for those from outside.

21-26 July 2015

Hall: Italian Pavilion, Stand 14

The Italian pavilion, according to what is anticipated, will cover an area of 90 square meters and will have 54 booths., Is among these that the Fratelli Poggi, has decided to be present, bringing with them the true Tivoli travertine

16-19 june 2015

EXPOSTONE is the largest exhibition in Russia specialized exhibition for mining, processing, treatment and use of natural stone, such as travertine, roman travertine and marble .. It 'also one of the most prestigious events in the stone industry worldwide and that's why Fratelli Poggi has decided to take abroad the real made the Italy of this natural material.