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Bank of China – Beijing

May 28, 2021

The challenge of a futuristic architectural project in Beijing that required the supply of Roman Travertine to dress interiors and exteriors of this modern building.

Completed in 1999, the Bank of China project marked an era for the architectural restyling of the Chinese capital. The first building ever built in China that levereged the characteristics of Roman Travertine and marked the way between China’s cultural roots and a new stylistic model. On one hand, the guidelines of the town which until then favored large and uniform structures, on the other hand the inspiration of the architect I. M. Pei who reinterprets the design by creating an open and welcoming architectural model.

The trait d’union that unites interiors and exteriors is precisely Roman Travertine stone, supplied by Fratelli Poggi. A building totaling 170.000 square meters capable of hosting, to date, over 3.000 employees, a 2.000-seat auditorium in addition to the monumental bank room, a reception room and much more. Almost 60.000 square meters of Roman Travertine were used for this building contributing to bringing more of Rome and Italy abroad.

The choice of Roman Travertine was an integral part of the overall design concept of the building, intended for the Chinese central bank. There was therefore a need to convey to the outside a strong perception of solidity and elegance at the same time. As the same study says: “The design features an elegant Roman travertine which is widely used indoors and out. Its sculptural masses and refined details celebrate the infinite architectural potential of stone.”.

An eternal potential that unites millennia of architectural history. Roman Travertine.

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