Natural Stones are understood as a hard natural element, but exporting our products worldwide must make us bring attention to keeping marble safe during shipment between our manufacturing facility and the buyer and must prevent damage. Therefore, product packaging must be sturdy and reliable. We offer different packaging options according to where the material is due, contributing to delivering materials safely and with integrity. Our quality of packing directly reflects the quality of stones we produce. We seriously consider the quality of packing as important as the quality of product. We pack natural stone in certified wooden packaging complying to the International Fumigation Standards. This coupled with a reliable transportation company will ensure products are securely delivered.

roman travertine block loading

Blocks - loading

Our staff takes great care in handling blocks and makes sure they are loaded correctly into containers or trucks. We make use of wooden supports to stabilize the position of blocks to prevent the risk of damage during transport. An experienced and reliable transport agency is also necessary to keep products safe.

Roman Travertine packaging bundles

Slabs - Bundles & A-Frames

As per international norms, we pack our stone slabs in directly in open bundles or A-Frames and load them into truck and containers. Each slab may be separated individually by polystyrene sheets, resin or wood to protect against scratches, especially if they have a finish. Slabs are tightly com-pressed with each other.

Roman Travertine packaging crates

Tiles - Pallets & Wooden Crates

As per international norms, we pack our stone tiles directly in fumigated wooden crates or pallets; each tile or column of tiles is to be separated by polystyrene sheets which will avoid friction during the transit. Inside the container the wooden crates are being tightly fastened to each other so that they cannot move or shift.

Special requirements are available on request