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Travertine Thickness

January 20, 2022

Natural Stone Tiles

December 17, 2021

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The stone of the Colosseum, Roman Travertine

The most famous and long-lived monuments of Rome, the Eternal City, were made out of roman travertine: it is no mystery that the largest Roman amphitheater ever created, the Colosseum,…

Colonnade of Saint Peter’s Square in Roman Travertine

The majestic colonnade that welcomes the faithful and the visitors inside the Saint Peter's Square is an integral part of Saint Peter’s Basilica and is entirely made out of roman…

Barco Quarries: the Roman Travertine Quarries in Tivoli

The most ancient travertine quarries are the Barco quarries (Cave del Barco, in Italian) in Tivoli, Rome. The precious deposit of Italian travertine was discovered by Romans during the 3rd…

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Centre international de conférences – Algiers

Fascinating and futuristic, thanks to its impressive architecture and its lush green areas, th Centre International de conférences in Algiers – designed by the architectural firm Studio Fabris & Partners…

Two Union Square – Seattle

A magnificent work created to redevelop Two Union Square, an impressive building in downtown Seattle. Designed by two major architectural firms in the States, Nbbj and Architectural Stone and Tile, it was completed…

Private Villa – Zurich

As a result of the precious collaboration with the Marazzi Reinhardt Architecture Studio, we have brought our material to set up a prestigious private villa in Zurich. Here we interviewed…