Our Roman Travertine Quarries

Roman Travertine materials have been extracted from our quarries since 1923. From the same quarry basin the ancient Romans extracted Roman Travertine to build the most important Italian cultural monuments, such as the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Today, our company continues to produce, extract, process and market Roman Travertine and Made in Italy stone all over the world. Currently we operate throughout 24 hectares of land with three active quarries.

Our company pursues the entire production process from the extraction to the transformation of products. We extract over 30,000 m³ of Roman travertine products per year and through the employment of block cutters and gang-saws we reach a total output of 20,000 m² of finished products per month. The highly specialized team of workers allows to meet the design needs of the greatest architects, engineers and designers in the worlds market.

Our stone originates from particular geological areas, for which the land’s conformation determines the high quality of the extracted material. What makes Roman Travertine materials different from any other travertine and marble product are 2 main characteristics: compactness and specific weight. This is due to the hydrogeological characteristics of the stone which occur only in the very limited thermal area of ​​Tivoli, province of Rome.

The area is very rich in sulphureous water – known throughout the world for its unique and beneficial health properties – the water’s reaction with carbonic acid produces Roman Travertine stone. Furthermore, Tivoli has a superb selection of historical ancient roman architecture attractions realized through Roman Travertine Stone such as Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana.

Map Poggi Bros Roman Travertine Quarry

Throughout this century of operations, our company has entered important partnership agreements with other leading quarries in the marble and granite field both in Italy and across the Globe. We offer on top of Roman Travertine materials additional natural stones seeking to be a reference point in qualitative stone supply leveraging on our Made in Italy brand.