A New Landmark for Roman Travertine. Online.
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A New Landmark for Roman Travertine. Online.

Starts: 30/09/2021
Location: Online

For almost 100 years Poggi Bros Travertino Romano has been closely linked to this legendary stone. The stone that has built Rome and from here, has reached all parts of the world with its eternal charm. We understand Roman Travertine in all of its facets, we have quarried, processed, installed our stone for thousands of customers all over the world to create large buildings, infrastructures, private villas and interiors. We have worked with many clients, and to all of them we have offered our professionalism, our know-how, so that they could reach the desired result. Each customer has left us a new experience, new creativity, new challenges that we have had the honor and pleasure of seizing.

This week we have published our new website, a great window into the world of our flagship material, Roman Travertine. From today, we offer an easy access to all of the information regarding our quarry production in Tivoli as well as knowledge on the many varieties of Roman Travertine stones. The processes with which we deliver our ready to be installed material to our customers will be available to anyone, anywhere in the world. You will find our best practices, the most challenging projects we have faced, and multiple creative ideas for those who make creativity a passion or a profession.

The goal of our work is to Inspire you. Give new life and new possible applications to this marble, used for millennia for its intrinsic characteristics of resistance to atmospheric agents: intense heat and cold, large temperature ranges, its proverbial resistance to water and, last but not least, its elegant beauty. An “eternal” material. We want to give an access key to the many and fascinating secrets of Roman Travertine for anyone who wants to know its infinite applications and its innate ability to create beauty.

Our Company

The first section of our site concerns our company, Poggi Bros, founded in 1923, almost a century ago. 100 years of tradition, values and people who have contributed to creating what we are today, a company dedicated to the excavation and transformation of Roman Travertine. Our quarries, our philosophy. A journey into our world. Come and meet us.


A large directory where you can consult and study all the varieties of Roman Travertine extracted and processed in our factory in Tivoli. Over 30 types of Travertine, 50 and more different finishes. To get closer to the world of Roman Travertine to support the inspiration of private clients, architects and designers from all over the world.


In this section of the new website, we have chosen to share with you the projects that have inspired Poggi Bros the most. From the most complex, those that required all our expertise, and those that became a landmark in architecture and design. By the way, if you have completed a project with us and want to share the success of the collaboration, we will be happy to publish our joint work.


The big news of the new Poggi Bros website is the Atelier. An online presentation of part of our immediately available productions where you can calmly scroll to find your desired block, slabs pack or tiles lot ready for shipment. In various formats, various colors, finishes and processings.

Villa Privata - Giappone


Where to meet us, how to get in touch with us, the events section will tell you all about our initiatives with the public, whether they are trade shows, events organized by Poggi Bros, webinars or others. As most of you know, in these days the Verona MarmoMac exhibition will take place, an event that has seen us as partners for decades. We will reluctantly not be exposing with our stand due to the many restrictions brought by the Coronavirus, and many of our clients and partners not taking part. It will be the first year we will be visiting the fair as guests. But we are confident, we will soon meet again face to face and share these memories in the new “Events” page.


We have a lot to tell you. Our mission, to inspire you and to give new life to our Roman Travertine, starts here. We want to write about our know-how, the secrets of our stone. We want to give our advice, the result of decades of experience. In a nutshell, we seek to stay in touch with all of you, and continue to inspire your creations or wishes. We look forward to doing all of this also through our newsletter and our social channels.

Do you have feedback on our new website? Tell us what you think.