Private Villa – Zurich
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Private Villa – Zurich

February 11, 2021

As a result of the precious collaboration with the Marazzi Reinhardt Architecture Studio, we have brought our material to set up a prestigious private villa in Zurich. Here we interviewed Giovanni, owner of this wonderful creation, who has chosen to include our roman travertine in the project of his Luxury Villa.

Dear Giovanni,
Can you explain the idea behind the project and what elements of complexity this entailed?
The project of a floor provided for the coexistence of different materials. On the one hand Italian roman travertine and on the other the beauty of natural stone, wood and glass combined together. There was a need for specific cuts that were perfectly suited to the project we wanted to carry out.

Why did you choose Roman Travertine for the realization of your house?
We had the desire to bring a touch of Italy to our project, the brilliance and elegance of roman travertine set in a multifaceted environment.

What are the solutions for which you have chosen to contact Poggi Bros for the material supply and its processing?
We knew the Poggi company and knew of about their professionalism in processing and the quality of the stone they supplied.

What were the crucial phases of the project?
During the lockdown it took patience and professionalism. Poggi Bros updated and informed us on the status of the project and also sent us production pictures. Throughout the project we were increasingly convinced that we had chosen the right partner. The team of installers sent to us by Poggi to install the material also did a wonderful job.

How would you define the collaboration with Poggi in the design, construction and installation of the materials?
We were thrilled! The Poggi company has provided us with a beautiful roman travertine. A very reliable company, which works on time and with a lot of experience.

Can you describe the level of satisfaction with the support provided by our company for the realization of your private villa in Zurich?
Maximum satisfaction! From 1 to 10 Points. 10 Points! A million thanks.

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