The Stone House – Italy
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The Stone House – Italy

October 31, 2023

The Stone House designed by Michela Ekström is a house entirely covered in Poggi roman travertine both in the interiors and exteriors. The house has been longlisted in the 2023 Deezen awards and has a common thread “the material. Always and only travertine, as an obsession.”.

Stone House Travertine

Photos by Carlo Oriente

This elegant and charming architectural example meets the growing interest in creating beautiful, timeless architectural structures that are also sustainable. In fact, stone is a natural product of the Earth, the original green building material.

Michela has taken this concept and transformed it into a creative masterpiece. The recalling of other natural elements is in fact the founding element of the building: from the fireplace to the the patio, and the external flooring with incorporated pool.

Stone House Travertine
Stone House Travertine

Michela Ekström describes it as “a stone house, like one of Munari’s stones, extremely solid on the outside, hollow and light on the inside.”. She adds, “It is a house that is not recognized as a home. It is a fortress that presents a strong dichotomy between inside and outside. The interior becomes a cavum, a void that generates continuous changes in perception. The theme of looking and being looked at is alive, of contemplating understood as a creative act. We have windows on the sky, on the sunrises, on the sunsets.”.

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