Nature's Eternal Stone

Since 1923

Poggi Roman Travertine

We supply and transform Roman Travertine stone to meet the needs of our customers globally.
We use our centennial leadership in excavation and fabrication of stone to promote Rome, Italy and the Made in Italy brand worldwide.

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Blocks, slabs and cut to size

Block quarrying and squaring. Slab selection and processing. Tile and paver precise cutting. Cut to size specialization.

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Custom projects

Execution on architectural project specifications. Transformation of natural stone products into tailor made design ideas.

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Materials from our quarries

Roman Travertine Collections. Exclusive materials from the Italian Tivoli Quarries.
Foreign Travertine offerings coupled with Italian and International Marble and Granites.


Warm and elegant looks

dark travertines Discover more darks


Natural and calm tones

light travertines Discover more lights


Soft and luminous hues

silver travertines Discover more silvers


Noble and pure shades

white travertines Discover more whites

Foreign Travertine

Exploring international emotions

Travertino Turco in falda
Discover foreign travertines

Marble & Granite

A journey into a different conformation

Labradorite blu tipo 1
Discover Marbles and Granites

Latest News

Sharing knowledge regarding Natural Stone is important to us. By reading the latest news, you will be immersed in fascinating discoveries about Roman Travertine and Marble.

Travertine Quarry manager

Interview with Maurizio: our Head of Quarries

June 21, 2023

Today, we had a chance to interview Maurizio, our Head of Quarries in Tivoli to share his insights on what it is like to work in our Roman Travertine quarries....

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roman travertine 100th anniversary

Poggi Brothers 100th Anniversary

February 6, 2023

The Poggi Brothers, Fratelli Poggi, an international company that supplies roman travertine stone from its company owned quarries in the form of blocks, slabs, cut to size and objects, today...

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Poggi sustainable business

Poggi Brothers: towards a more sustainable business

August 1, 2022

The Poggi Brothers are committed improving their operations in the excavation and transformation of natural stone through sustainable business investements. In Europe, there are around 25 million small and medium-sized...

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